We are really privileged to have an amazing Leadership Team.

Our team is made up of people from a range of backgrounds and professions, creating a fun, down-to-earth and faith-filled atmosphere at City Life. The team has a combined wealth of wisdom and life experience, and a passion for both God and people. They are dedicated to reaching out inclusively with the good news of Jesus and serving people in a culturally relevant way.

Daniel & Laura Harman

(Talia & Sophie)

Lead Pastors

Daniel and Laura Harman co-lead CLC and have been married since 2005. They have two beautiful children, Talia and Sophie. Daniel is a second generation pastor and started preaching and leading at 15 years of age.  He is a passionate, faith-filled visionary leader with a big dream, a big heart and governmental authority. He is a strong teacher of the Word of God and is able to communicate in a way that people understand, can relate to and most importantly connect with.  In his spare time he enjoys reading, fitness training, following Portsmouth Football Club, eating out, music, and marketing and spending time with his family. Laura is a gifted singer/songwriter and is actively involved in leading the CLC worship team. She also enjoys watching movies, crafts, cooking, DIY, interior design, shopping, listening to music and having fun with family and friends.

Paul & Wynelle Cowdery

Senior Leadership Team/Executive Pastor

Paul & Wynelle are part of the Senior Leadership Team. Paul’s experience & training has been that of networking with pastors/leaders across the UK with a specialty in Business Admin/Event planning. He is a Father/mentor and helps in many ways behind the scenes. Wynelle is our Executive Pastor, raised in a missionary home in Latin America. She is an open-minded individual with a practical and detailed approach to problem-solving. An intense drive to see things to completion and a great eye for detail and excellence. She loves overcoming challenges while being very creative & adaptable. Excellent track record in educational & business management/administration globally with 40 years experience. Self-motivated & Talented communicator, able to strengthen relationships with peers and senior leadership while making clear decisions. She also loves preaching & teaching the word.

Josiah Becsi

Operations Leader/CLC South Apprentice Leader

Josiah was born and raised in Australia, and at the age of 19, he was led by God to move to the UK. He joined CLC at the start of 2020 and later enrolled in the Stronger internship programme; he has been blossoming since. He has many gifts and serves in various ministries at CLC, including media production, students, operations/facilities, and football outreach, and is developing into a powerful speaker. He has a love for football, having played professionally in Australia, and desires to combine this with his passion for evangelism, bringing the good news of Jesus into the football industry.

Talia Harman

Junior Intern

Talia is the youngest of our interns and serves in the areas of marketing, graphic design, video editing, and community outreach amongst other things. She loves cooking, baking, art and YouTube.

Barbara Dollimore


Barbara Dollimore has come from a background as a science teacher and got saved on an Alpha Course at CLC many years ago. Barbara runs one of the largest Life Groups at CLC and is part of the Pastoral Care Team. She has a strong giftings in teaching, pastoral care and organisation. In her spare time she enjoys making jewellery, arts and crafts, and going to the gym.

David Welch


Dave is one of our dedicated Trustees at CLC and is married to Halina. He is passionate about overseas missions and flies an airplane for a living, which we think is very cool!

David Shadbolt

External Leadership Covering

David is a prophet, author and has a background in business. He travels the world ministering and has written several books including God’s Healing for Businesses, and Hello David I’m God.

Tony Williams

External Leadership Covering

Tony is a gifted bible teacher, devoted prayer warrior and loving pastor with a prophetic edge. He and his wife Sue co-lead Living Waters Church in Paignton.

Esther Lombardi

External Leadership Covering

Esther Lombardi has a background in education and brings a wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience.  She speaks 5 languages, is extremely missional in her mindset and oozes the love of Jesus everywhere she goes.

Debbie Tran

External Leadership Covering

Intercessory prayer warrior and global missionary adventurer from Vietnam. Debbie is a courageous minister who travels all over the world bringing a powerful message of reconciliation, hope and transformation.

Franklin Burns

External Leadership Covering Emeritus Member

Franklin is an amazing apostolic leader, passionate evangelist and prolific church planter with a wealth of experience. During his ministry working alongside his wife Doris, they have planted 52 churches across South America. Franklin has an inspiring gift of faith and lots of stories to tell about his many adventures of faith.
/Franklin Burns