Love God Entirely

Heart, soul, mind & strength


Reach Out Inclusively

Locally, Nationally, Globally


Serve People Willingly

Following Christ's Example

The Church I See
(Vision Statement)

“The Church I see is numerically large, spiritually deep and expansive.

A Christ centered Church that is creative, committed and courageous.

A Church that has growing influence across Portsmouth, the United Kingdom and around the world.

The Church I see is a place where the supernatural becomes the norm, a place of Holy Spirit power where signs,

wonders and miracles are frequent. A place of hope, healing and holiness.

A place where souls are being saved daily, where there is a passion for the Word of God and where minds are radically renewed.

The Church I see is culturally relevant, yet uncompromising, firmly fixated on the will of God.

A place where dreams are born, nurtured and can grow for GOD’s praise, honour and glory.

A place of relentless prayer, passionate praise and heavenly worship. A glimpse of Heaven on earth!

The Church I see is of a place of freedom, where people collide with destiny and see His light.

A place of unconditional love, heartfelt mercy and amazing grace.

A place where people encounter Jesus.

That’s the Church I see!”