Love God

Heart, soul, mind & strength


Reach Out

Locally, Nationally & Globally


Make Disciples

Following Christ's Example

The Church We See
(Vision Statement)

The Church we see is numerically large, spiritually strong and expansive.  A kingdom minded, life transforming, apostolic movement expressing itself through multiple locations;  influencing and representing all nations, ages, and spheres of society.  A well of living waters, a resource hub, a church to churches, and ministry to ministries.

The Church we see is Bible based, Christ centered, Father God honouring, and Holy Spirit led; united in mission and vision, courageous in faith and action.  An equipped and empowered people through which souls are saved daily; believers are discipled intentionally; signs, wonders and miracles flow frequently.

The Church we see is a people of hope, healing and holiness; relentless in prayer, passionate in praise and heavenly in worship.  A community of unconditional love, heartfelt mercy and amazing grace.  A glimpse of heaven on earth. A people through which others encounter Jesus.  That’s the Church we see!