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Sunday Morning

How Desperate Are You For God

3rd November 2019
Preacher: Daniel Harman
Preacher: Daniel Harman | Series: Morning Service

Sounds Of Prayer Warfare

20th October 2019
Bible Text: Luke 11:1 | Preacher: Wynelle Cowdery

The Heart of Worship

13th October 2019
Preacher: Laura Harman The Heart of Worship

Pursuing The Lord

6th October 2019
Bible Text: Mark 1:16 | Preacher: Franklin Burns

Sermon- 29-09-2019

29th September 2019
Preacher: Daniel Harman

The Power Of A Focused Life

22nd September 2019
Bible Text: Issiah 43:18-19 | Preacher: Daniel Harman
Bible Text: Isaiah 43:18-19 | Preacher: Daniel Harman

From Tragedy To Triumph

8th September 2019
Preacher: David Shadbolt

New Day

1st September 2019
Preacher: Daniel Harman | Series: New Day

Simply Church

Bible Text: Matthew 24:12 | Preacher: Paul Cowdery | Series: Simply Church @ 6


18th August 2019
Preacher: Luke Mansfield

There’s More

4th August 2019
Preacher: Danny Miller
Bible Text: 1 Samuel 16:7 | Preacher: Daniel Harman | Series: Awakening Can You See What He Sees - Daniel Harman
Preacher: Daniel Harman, Laura Harman
Series: Simply Church @ 6
Preacher: Daniel Williams | Series: Awakening
Preacher: Barry Woodward | Series: Simply Church @ 6 An evening with Barry Woodward

Gods Purpose Positioning

23rd June 2019
Preacher: Bill Harman Gods Purpose Positioning

Holy Spirit

9th June 2019
Preacher: Daniel Harman

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