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Hello! Welcome to the first post of the student blog! This post is an introduction to all the student leaders and our student pastor, Andy. We each answered the questions below to help you learn a little bit about us. We hope to see you around! – Joy.

-Tell us a little bit about yourself, and what hobbies do you have?
-What made you join CLC/why CLC?
-How did you spend the summer of 2016?
-You’re stuck on a desert island for three days, which two people would you choose to be with and why? (Can be dead or alive, fictional or non-fictional; cannot be Jesus or a relative)
-What can you imagine yourself doing in ten years’ time (be as bold as you like)?


Andy Haddow (Student Pastor)andy

My name is Andy – I studied Economics at Swansea University and am currently the Student Pastor at City Life Church. I love reading, eating, running, sports of every kind and supporting Liverpool FC.

I came to CLC in September of 2012 with my wife Becky to start working as a youth pastor at the church. I loved the vision of CLC, it’s a church that is going somewhere and is determined to make a difference in the world.

I spent the summer of 2016 having a baby, well my wife was the one that actually had the baby! He’s called Zachary and is pretty awesome.

If I was stuck on a desert island for 3 days, I would bring Bill Shankly because I think the conversation would be brilliant, he’s an inspirational leader and a Liverpool legend. Then secondly Bear Grylls because he’s Bear Grylls.

I can imagine myself planting and leading churches in ten years time. I want to plant churches that plant and multiply.


Courtney Titus (Second Year Digital Marketing Student Leader)courtney

I’m Courtney, I’m 20, studying Digital Marketing and am just going into my second year. I love hanging out with my friends and my housemates. I also can’t get enough of being by the beach – although it’s stony it’s so beautiful!

CLC was the first church that I visited when I started uni last year and I didn’t ever look anywhere else. The warm welcome you receive as you walk through the door is the first thing that enticed me, the worship and service was just so perfect for me and the time of fellowship after was good too, everyone is SO friendly, open and honest. The vision of the church is also something that I really love and believe in.

My summer this year has been my most relaxed for a good few years. Having worked every summer for the last few years I decided that this year I would mostly relax. I have worked here and there but definitely not full time! I have just been making time for me, for God and to spend quality time with friends and family.

I would choose to spend those 3 days with George, my boyfriend as I know that he knows me inside out and will help me to look at the situation in a more positive way. I would also choose to be with my best friend Laura, as she will help make the situation more fun. Both Laura and George are Christians too and I know we would also have some cool prayer sessions and we will all rely on our faith to get through being stuck!

There’s two things I’d be more than happy to be doing in ten years time as a career. I would love to be working within a company in a digital marketing department, maybe even as a manager. Or, to be well on my way to owning my own bar/pub/restaurant. I LOVE working in this environment and there’s so many opportunities to speak to customers and other staff and get to know them. It’s an environment in which I thrive and absolute love. Within the church I’d like to be wherever God wants me, whether that be still running a lifegroup and still being a part of the Club Angels ministry, or whether that be just being and making time for Him.


Puwayi Chiutsi (Second Year Law Student Leader)

I love to read, watch football, play footie.puwayi

I joined CLC because it’s a close knit family that I felt had a genuine fellowship. The elders of the church are very supportive and love young people which I think was much like the heart of Christ.

I spent the summer of 2016 working in a kitchen which was different I suppose.

If I was stuck on an island for three days I would take with me Robinson Crusoe (he probably would be able to navigate me home lol) and my president actually Robert Mugabe would like hear from him, he’s an interesting character.

In ten years time I see myself being older…in Australia maybe..


Stephanie Jinkerson (Second Year Social Work Student Leader)stephanie

My name’s Stephanie and I’ll be going into the second year of my Social Work degree this September. I come from Wokingham, near Reading, and grew up going to Wokingham Baptist Church. I love a bit of singing, and occasionally running when I can be bothered and don’t make excuses not to! I joined CLC in September of my first year after having had a look around the different churches in the area; Portsmouth is so blessed to have a number of amazing churches! I decided on CLC as it felt like home and was so welcoming. It doesn’t have the biggest student group in Portsmouth, but this means it feels like family which I loved.

I spent the summer of 2016 mainly working at a care home, but obviously also attempting to get the tan on, which proves quite hard when you’re working in doors all summer…

If I were stuck on an island for three days I’d choose to have Bear Grylls with me so I could still eat and be warm and all that survival stuff, and Kate Middleton, because she looks pretty cool to hang out with for a few days.

In ten years’ time I imagine myself to be a Social Worker who is working in the community for Jesus, and being able to share my faith in this role. I hope to still be plugged into church, and who knows, maybe still around in Pompey…


Michael Pusey (Second Year Film and Creative Writing Student Leader)michael

My name is Michael, I’m 21 years old and going into my second year studying Film and Creative Writing at the University of Portsmouth. There’s not much to tell about me, I enjoy quiet nights in alone with my Xbox and Spotify as opposed to nights out. I spend far too much money on takeaway, and will always be more emotionally connected to fictional characters in TV shows, film and video games than I will ever be to real people.

I joined CLC after meeting with Student Pastor Andy at a Christian Union meeting and hearing more about the vision of the church.

I’ve spent this summer working, fairly non-stop, as a youth worker. I’ve been a leader for five weeks of NCS in partnership with Burton Albion Football Club and their Community Trust, and a leader on another camp for young people from Staffordshire and Germany.

In an ideal world, in ten years I would probably be living in New Zealand as a mildly successful wine connoisseur/novelist/Hobbit.


Euan McLachlan (Music and Sound Technology Graduate, works at the Student Union)euan

Hi I’m Euan. I graduated from the University of Portsmouth in July, having studied Music and Sound Technology, and I now work at the Students Union. I enjoying singing/playing music, running by the sea, hanging out with friends and pretending I can dance!

I joined CLC back in 2013 (my first year of uni). What drew me to it was how welcome everyone made me feel. People showed me that they really cared and wanted to get to know me, and that’s what I was after in a church. Since then, I’ve felt like part of the church family, and I’d encourage anyone who wants to find church family to come along and say hi!

I had a bit of a crazy summer this year. I finished uni in May, started looking for a job, then graduated (Grad Ball was amazing!), got a job at the SU and started in August. It all went a bit quickly! I did get some time to go on a couple of holidays, even if one of them was camping in a field with 2 toilets and 2 shower rooms between 30 pitches!

I’d definitely want to be stuck on an island with Bear Grylls (obvious choice) so that we’d actually survive, and with James Bay (provided he had a guitar), so that we could songwriter together.

In ten years time, I’d like to be working as a sound technician for a large venue or for a band, or maybe even be in a band (who knows!). I’d also love to have a family, living by the sea.

Joy Yau (Third Year Pharmacy Student Leader)joy

Hello! I’m Joy and I guess one could say I am someone with multiple talents – mainly in music (my main instrument is the viola), though I used to do ballet, sing in choirs and play in orchestras when I was younger. Over time I’ve had to give up these hobbies because of the intensity of my degree, but I know that there will be a time and place when I could use those gifts again because my life often gets far too interesting for me (trust me, I say this all the time! Ask me about The Underground Orchestra in 2012 or Berlioz Requiem last summer). I also like to do a bit of gaming (mostly puzzle games like Professor Layton or Phoenix Wright; I’m terrible at FIFA) when I have the time but recently I’ve been trying to spend more time reading, especially Christian books on relationships, leadership and discovering the potential in ourselves by learning to see how God sees us and how we can continually live out in the Truth. I sound really keen, but I’ve only read up until the forth page in my current book at the moment, ha, though I have finished a story book over the summer.

I joined CLC because of a friend called Euan who had just graduated last year and he went to CLC. I stayed because I found the sermons thought provoking and I found that you can quickly build personal relationships with people and be completely yourself at church and in lifegroup. CLC honestly feels like home, people are so friendly.

I spent summer 2016 doing too much, as usual, haha. I stayed in Portsmouth until the end of July working in a community Pharmacy gaining practical experience, and working with bacteria in one of the University laboratories. I also went to Big Church Day Out (a Christian worship festival weekend) which was my first camping experience ever. The first night there we had a thunderstorm and I never felt so excited about a storm, until I realised that there was a chance that the tent could flood. From the end of July till early September, I will be spending it in Singapore doing an internship with the National University of Singapore, helping out on a research study.

If I’m stuck on a desert island for three days I would bring my boyfriend, Bradley, because we would have great bants and because we work well as a team and in keeping each other up. I’d also want to witness how Captain Jack Sparrow escapes the island by tying sea turtles together and making a raft, and he’ll probably have great (read: crazy) instincts on where to get food and meeting indigenous people on the island (who hopefully aren’t cannibals).

In ten years time I imagine myself winning a Nobel prize. Gotta dream big to get to big places. But in all honesty, the Nobel prize will probably take twenty years, given that I haven’t finished my degree yet, but hey, who knows. I would really want to release a music album (or a few by God’s grace!) over the next few years of songs that I’m currently writing and will write in the future. When I retire I’d want to open up a really chill café, with board games and a giant chess set and lots of bean bags. The café would hand out free hot chocolates to children and to the homeless during the winter, and there’d be a knitting/crochet club on Wednesdays and music nights on Fridays, so the café will be a place of gathering for people. Dare to dream big dreams.