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Spanish Classes for Missions

By 29th June 2016

25th May 2019 10:00 - 12:00

City Life Church

85 Tangier Road, Portsmouth, PO3 6JH

02392 694 677


Wynelle has been asked so many times if she would teach Spanish so now she is going to do it the fun way!  All theme related and they will be offered every few weeks…not connected.  We are asking for a donation of £3 but if you would like to give more, then that is great, but all will go towards our missions.

It will be fun and very interactive learning with all of the language around that theme as if you were going to go overseas and use the language so it will be the very classic and fun areas we will cover.

ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO TOWARDS THE MISSIONS Department as we plan different trips to bless other countries.