Helping you move forward in your journey with Christ. What’s yours?

Whether this is your first time visiting or you have been coming to CLC for years, we believe every individual has a unique next step to take as they grow in their faith journey with Jesus and in relationship with other people in our church community. We are here to help you do just that!

Talk to one of the Connection Team at our connection corner on Sunday morning to help you get on your Discipleship Growth Track

Have a look at the 9 ‘Next Steps’ below and ask yourself: What are my next steps?


Serving on a Team

Link up with a team and starting serving God’s vision for CLC.

Join a Life Group

Be known and get to know others.

Be Baptised

Follow Jesus, go public and Take the plunge!

Giving to the Vision

Resource the vision through regular generous giving.



Who is Christ?  What is Christianity all about?

Transformed Life

Intentional growth and accountable in relationship.


Follow Jesus, go public and take the plunge.


Complete courses that will aid your spiritual development.