Jesus, the King of the Universe, didn’t come into the world to demand service.

He came into the world as a willing and humble servant. As followers of Christ we are called to follow Jesus’ example in serving others. In the Church everyone has a part to play in serving God, others, and the vision. Serving is not something that we endure but it’s something we enjoy. The church is ‘our home’ and we all accept a responsibility for building and maintaining the house and expressing God’s love through a ministry of serving. Join a team today!

Host Team

We want every person to feel welcomed, valued and included. We want people to experience the love of God from from beginning to end.  We want people to feel like we’ve been expecting them. The Host Team helps to achieve this.

Catering Team

Everyone loves a good cuppa! Tea/coffee are a big part of our culture and it’s a powerful way to say “welcome!” while helping newcomers feel relaxed and to stay around after the service for extended fellowship. Also, are you good at cooking? Do you enjoy sharing hospitality? If so, then we’d love to hear from you. Food is served at our various events.

Minibus Team

The church alive is worth the drive! One of the ways we reach out to the students in our city is by providing a free minibus service. This is a powerful way of sharing God’s love and saying “we’d love you to be part of our church family!”

Media Team

These guys help the congregation know what to sing along to, assist the speakers with their PowerPoint presentations and offer church online. If you’re fast and efficient with computers and enjoy working as part of a team, this role may interest you.

World Changers Kids

Have a heart for children and desire to see them grow in their relationship with God? If so, this may be the ministry spot for you! Children are a high priority at CLC and we’re always keen for people to join the team.  World Changers ages range from 0-11

City Life Students

We love students at CLC and see them as a big part of our vision for influencing culture and expanding God’s Kingdom. To many students we are ‘a home away from home’. Can you help us bless, encourage and invest in the next generation of leaders?

Found where you fit in? Great! Let us know