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Evangelism Workshop with Barry Woodward

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Do you love Jesus?
Do you want to see your friends & family come to love Him too?
Do you want to learn new tools on how to share the gospel?

If the answer is “yes” to all of these questions, then you need to be at this event!

Barry Woodward grew up in a great, non-Christian, home, in Salford, Greater Manchester. At 16, he left school with no qualifications and became drawn into the Manchester drugs scene, taking cannabis, amphetamines and LSD. This led to a life of heroin addiction and drug dealing.

After being dependent on heroin for fifteen years and spending a number of terms in prison, Barry had what he describes a ‘religious experience’, which resulted in his life being totally transformed. This led to him becoming an evangelist. Since then, he has worked with a number of Christian organizations and studied full time at Cliff College, where he was awarded a Diploma in Biblical Studies and Evangelistic Ministry from Sheffield University.

Each year, he speaks at approximately 130 events. He also occasionally contributes to discussions related to drug issues on the BBC, Channel 4 and Sky TV

Barry is an accredited travelling minister with the Assemblies of God denomination, in the UK, and is also an associate evangelist with J.John of the Philo Trust. He is author of ‘Once an Addict’, and he and his wife Tina are members of the Bridge Church, Bolton, Greater Manchester.

International Sunday

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Lots of things happening today!

Noel Robinson is back for our worship

International food from many different countries

Wear something from your native country and sign up to bring a dish to share afterwards from your country!


All Treat No Trick: Celebrating Light & Life

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Jesus is the light of the world…the way, the truth, and the life…forever victorious! He overcame the powers of darkness and defeated the devil and his demons. We think this is worth celebrating & so rather than giving the loser some publicity we’re inviting everyone to join us praising the good guy!

For the 9th year running we are opening up our doors wide to the city of Portsmouth to be a part of this celebration. There will be cool lights, hot dogs, music, activities, glow sticks, goodie bags, marshmallows on a fire pit and more surprises in store.

Why not come and join us & celebrate light and life with us!? Everyone welcome, simply come as you are! šŸ™‚

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/491552881517050/