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The Transformed Life Course – Online

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The Transformed Life is an exciting 10 weeks experience that will help you ‘grow deeper’ in your relationships with the other leaders at CLC as well as grow deeper in your faith & theological understanding.
As part of the journey together we’ll be working through the Transformed Life book by Pastor John Carter. The fee for this course is FREE but participants will be required to purchase their own book before the start date. The book can be found on Amazon using the link below
This 10 week experience starting on Wednesday the 7th of October and is open to all who want to go deeper in Christ along with their husbands/wives/partners, emerging leaders and EVERYONE who wishes to grow in their faith and get rooted and grounded.
This is our foundational course and mandatory for anyone who would like to be able to lead a team one day at CLC or to begin their growth pattern for bigger and better things with us as partners. We encourage ALL of those who are new to CLC to join us on this very informative and fun course and a great place to meet lots of new people!!
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Christians in Politics Event

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“The difference between just making noise and having influence is relationships”.

Christians in Politics exists to inspire and equip Christians from across denominations and the political spectrum to respond to God’s call to engage in public life.

We’re calling Christians not to simply shout from a distance but rather to work to build meaningful relationships with those whom we will not necessarily agree with on everything. In our broken political system, and increasingly fractured society, the need has never been greater to call Christians into brave relationships, putting aside differences to work together for the common good and to see Kingdom values represented in the public sphere.

So what are you waiting for … come join our movement!

On the tour we will be sharing information about our work and vision, stories from those already involved in public life with a wealth of experience of faith and politics and looking again at the biblical call to engage. You will have the opportunity to take part in a Q&A with our panel and there will also be some time for group reflection, discussion and networking.

We would love to see as many people as possible be a part of it, so please do share details of the Influence Tour, and how to book as widely as possible with your friends and networks.