Welcome to City Life Portsmouth

Where nobody’s perfect, everyone’s welcome and anything’s possible.

Sunday Service Times

City Life Church Portsmouth


Come as you are to our Sunday morning meeting


Simply Church in a relaxed, informal cafe setting


CLC South in Guildhall Walk


Join the Journey


Whether you believe in God or not, you are welcome to join us on a journey of discovery.


We weren’t created to do life alone.  CLC is a place to connect and call home.


We want to help encourage and release you to become all you were destined to be.


Why not come along?

  • Prophetic Insight with Lana Vawser

    6th June 2020
  • CLC Celebrating 100 Years in Baffins & 380 Years in Portsmouth!

    11th September 2020
  • An Evening With Paul Manwaring

    15th September 2020
  • All Treat No Trick: Celebrating Light & Life

    31st October 2020
  • Open Heaven Worship Night

    1st November 2020
  • Valour Mens Conference – Storming the Gates

    14th November 2020
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